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Ran on a Tuesday evening 19:00 - 21:00. Morley Taekwondo is a family friendly club. They teach original ITF Taekwondo and are affiliated to the United Kingdom Taekwondo Association (UKTA), BTC and Sport England.

Mr Ray Thackray started the club in 2012, and has over 25 years experience in Taekwondo. 

Please visit: for more information.

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Matt offers personal training, nutritional guidance & lifestyle coaching. Putting a coaching package together around your needs to ensure you can achieve your goals. 

Taking sessions up at the studio is ideal if you have anxiety or feel uncomfortable going and training at a gym. Offering a much more relaxed environment for you to train in. All the equipment you need will be provided by Matt and ready, cleaned down on site for each session.  

If this sounds like something that is perfect for you, contact Matt today to find out more. 

You can contact Matt on 07368 863102 or email him on

His website is:

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Exercise class with an edge. If you like exercise, fun & rocking out to rock music this class is for you!

Running on both a Tuesday evening at 7:45pm and a Saturday morning at 11:45am for just £5 per hour!

If this sounds like something that is perfect for you, contact Jamie today to find out more. 

You can contact Jamie at:

& her social media is:

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Another fantastic fitness class with a fun twist happening at our studios. Combining tried and tested fitness techniques with hip-shakin' hoops, HulaFit will burn those calories, tone those abs and give you a wonder workout. So bring your core to the floor for a seriously fun fitness class. The first 15 minutes will be used for you to practice waist hopping and to cover basic techniques. Hoop provided. Please bring a yoga/fitness mat for the cool down.

Running on a Saturday morning at 8am & on a Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. The Saturday session is up and running, the Wednesday is due to start March 2nd.

If this sounds like something that is perfect for you, you can book via their website here:

You can contact Pranadi at:

& their social media is:



Ran by Andre at HIITPEAK. By training with HIITPEAK, you gain energy, flexibility, endurance, confidence, happiness, a healthier heart, weight loss, stronger lungs, higher strength and bone density. It is a full high energy work out ran here at our studios. 

Running on a Tuesday evening at 6:30pm.

If this sounds like something that you'd like to try, you can book your 1st trial session via their website here:

You can contact HIITPeak at:

& their social media is:

Want to run your classes or business from our venue?
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